What Is Time Blocking And Why Multitasking Does Not Work

  We are already heading to the end of the month, the finish line, do you feel we have accomplished everything we wanted to? No?? Well we had good intentions,

Automation, Delegation, and Outsourcing

  Welcome back and thank you for reading my last two posts! This is post # 3 in my four-part series on Time Management. This week's post is about automation,

Task Ranking

Do you have a to-do list that never seems to end? Everyday you add more to it but nothing seems to be getting done. Does this sound familiar?  If we

Time Management For The Small Business Owner

  Over the past year, I have taken on quite a job of starting up and operating my own business. I’ve jumped in with both feet running and have not

E-mail Lists & Marketing

The more I learn about E-mail Lists & Marketing the more sense it makes. I know what you are thinking that you don't need an e-mail list because you have

Go Paperless In 2018

  Going “Paperless” is something that we have been saying since the computer has moved into our homes and workplaces. However, we are going through more ink and paper than