Task Ranking


Do you have a to-do list that never seems to end? Everyday you add more to it but nothing seems to be getting done. Does this sound familiar? 

If we do not learn to prioritize what is important versus what is urgent, the list will continue to grow and never shrink.

I was constantly doing tasks that I deemed urgent, but in the end, very little of it was actually important. I needed to learn to focus on the most important tasks first, the tasks that help grow my business.

I learned a system called tasks rankings. This is a very simple concept of listing all your tasks, then ranking them in 4 different categories. 

  1. Do I enjoy this task?
  2. Do I have the skills for this task?
  3. Do I have time for this task?
  4. Is this task urgent?


Step 1: On a sheet of paper, list every single task that you have to complete for your business and in your life.

Step 2: On another sheet of paper rank them in order of importance. Leave enough room for four spaces beside each task. We have already determined what is important to us when we completed our core values, vision statement, and goals from last week's post.  We are going to use this list to rank our tasks. 

Step 3: These are all yes and no answers to the questions above. Just start at the top and work your way down. Write yes or no beside each task, do this for all four questions so it should have four yeses or four noes or a mixture of both.

Answer key


Four Yeses:  This is definitely a task that you should be doing yourself. You have the time, you will enjoy it, you are skilled, and it’s a task that is urgent. This is a great place to spend your time and energy.

Three Yeses, One No: this task is worth doing yourself. 


Two Yeses and Two Noes: If one of the yeses is time or skill, you could do this task. However, this would be a good place to start delegating or outsourcing. 

One Yes and Three noes or you have all Four Noes: Find someone else to do this task, you are officially wasting your time and energy. You do not enjoy this task, you do not have the skills, you do not have the time and for some they are not urgent.

I can see what you’re thinking, you’re going Brooke, it's not that easy for me, but you know what, it really is. As the owner of your business your time and energy are extremely important, you need to be spending both on what is going to grow your business. Delegating and outsourcing are just extra tools that you can use to be  successful. It is very difficult to have someone else help with parts of your business but it’s the only way we can grow.

I know this is the look you are giving me!

Task ranking is a very simple concept, it allows us to determine what work we should be doing ourselves and what work other people should be doing. In the next post, I will be going more in-depth into automation, delegation, and outsourcing.

Brooke Bevan


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