Go Paperless In 2018



Going “Paperless” is something that we have been saying since the computer has moved into our homes and workplaces. However, we are going through more ink and paper than ever before. Going paperless in 2018 should be a top priority for every business.
Being a paperless office takes a little time to set up and get used to but, when everything in place it just becomes second nature.
The great thing about going paperless in 2018 is getting all that information into a digital format or even better getting it into a cloud filing system is having the information at your fingertips.

1. Voice Memo

Instead of jotting down notes on the go use a voice memo and when you get home type them out. That way they are clearly written and thought out for future reference.
One way to go paperless in 2018 is to use the voice memo feature on your phone.

2. Scan Everything

It's amazing how a year down the line you will try to remember something important that you had jotted down or sketched. If you scan everything and save it then you will always have it. What's the saying? its better to have it and not need it and need it and not have it!

3.Cloud-based Filing

Just like the filing cabinets that you have in your office, you can create an eFile cabinet in a cloud-based system. The great thing about this type of filing system is that you can create as many tags for cross-referencing as you want and in case of a disaster you still have access to your information. I came across this type of filing a few years ago and here is a good link for more information efilecabinet.com.

4. Use Digital Versions

If requested almost anything can come in a digital copy. Invoices, manuals, informational brochures, and books. Tablets and iPads make it easy to read and take information with you. You can also save yourself money by not using paper, ink, envelopes, and postage. I am a big supporter of my local library and for $17 a year, I have access to local, national, and international digital newspapers and magazines. 

5. Digital Receipts

In most businesses, a lot of paper waste comes from receipts and invoices. Offering to email receipts and invoices to your customers not only saves you the paper waste but it saves your customers the paper waste. It also lessens the chance of losing the receipts for tax purposes.
So here is the challenge. Pick one of the of the 5 ways to go paperless in 2018 and try to create a new routine over the next few months. When you have that one mastered pick another to master and just keep on going. Do you know another way to go paperless?


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