Back Office Solutions

When you decided to start your business did you expect to spend hours upon hours doing bookkeeping or managing the never-ending pile of paperwork or did you expect that you would spend your time following your passion? We offer back-office solutions for small businesses.

The one thing that every business regardless of size or industry has in common is the behind the scene operations. The stuff that must be done:

1. If you want to get paid.

2. Because the Government says so.

3. Because you want to succeed as a business.

Our office admins bring experience and education to give you the best service without all the hassle. Do what you love and let us handle the following day to day tasks:

Data Entry


The necessary evil.

Does the idea of sitting in your back office typing information into a computer make you cringe? Numbers never lie, and data is the driving force behind many business decisions. Allow us to free up your time by completing the mundane data entry with speed and accuracy. This includes quality control and imputing information into CRM’s and databases.

laptop with an open spreadsheet
laptop with receipts next to it



The three reasons small business bookkeeping can fall behind:

1. Lack of Time.

2. Lack of Knowledge.

3. You hate bookkeeping.

This is our #1 back office solution. Our bookkeepers are trained and have experience in QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop 2018, and Simply Accounting (Sage 50). We also have the privilege of having experience completing farm books!

Fun Fact we enjoy this type of work!

Quotes & Invoicing

Hello, bread and butter!

We use the information that you provided to create professional quotes. Providing detailed quotes in a timely manner increase the possibility of receiving a contract. When the job is complete we invoice your customers in a timely manner and do follow-ups when requested, so you get paid sooner rather than later.

mail basket overflowing

File Management

Going paperless is not as scary as you think.

Instead of having overflowing filing cabinets in the corner of your back office we move them into a cloud eFileCabinet where you can access any file anywhere.

We will scan, import and organize your files in an easy to use format. We maintain, update and destroy files based on your records management guidelines.

Do not have a records management guideline do not worry we can help you create one.

A great safety feature of the eFileCabinet system is that in case of a disaster you will not lose all your information. It is nice and safe in another location.

Document Creation

Documents done well are a thing of beauty.

Beautiful PowerPoints to functional forms. Business document formatting for business letters, reports, and other document types. Template creation for email, word and excel files. Transcription from hand-written, voice memo, and recordings to word documents.

business charts corporate


Not finding what you are looking for? Please contact us we will be more than happy to customize a package for you.

We also provided seasonal services for clients or their support staff who are going on holiday’s or during a peak season.